Google is now granting “right to be forgotten” requests in Europe

Posted Jun 27, 2014

Google is now removing specific personal information from search results when an individual has made a request for the removal of “outdated” or “irrelevant” information about them. Google is doing this to comply with a ruling from the European Court Of Justice (ECJ) last month.

Now when you search for a person’s name on a European Google website, it includes a disclaimer flagging up the fact that some information may have been removed and includes a link to a Google FAQ explaining why.

When you do the same search on, it does not bring up the disclaimer since the ECJ ruling only requires Google remove information from European search results. It does not seem like celebrity names are triggering the disclaimer, which means that Google may be refusing requests from high profile individuals due to public interests and the “right to know.”

Google said it plans to start the takedown process slowly and speed up once its assessment systems are working properly. The owners of the websites affected by the takedowns will be notified.

Google received over 50,000 requests fro Europeans as of last week. This includes around 12,000 requests made in the first 24 hours of Google launching an official channel where people can submit a request.

[Source: TC]