Google is reportedly working on “always-on” vehicle eyes-on system called KITT

Posted Jun 2, 2014

If you have ever seen an episode or video clip of Knight Rider, you may recognize the name KITT. In the TV show, David Hassellhoff played the crime-fighting Michael Knight, who drove around in a talking car. The system in that vehicle was called KITT. There is now a rumor floating around that Google is creating an eyes-free system for vehicles called KITT, which would be able to give users access to smartphones or tablets using only their voice. This could help save lives because users would not have to take their eyes off the road at all.

Internally, the project is being called “Android Eyes Free.” Likely, the commands will be similar to what we have seen in Google’s mobile app. Activating the app may require the user to say “Ok Google,” which is the same command used for Google Glass and the Google mobile app.

Sources with AndroidPolice report that the Search interface will likely have a black screen accented with Google’s signature blue and red circular elements. These elements will indicate when Google is listening versus when it is talking.

It is unknown when Google will reveal this technology to the public.