Google Launches Amazon EC2 Rival Compute Engine

Posted Jun 28, 2012

Google has launched a compute-on-demand service that competes against Amazon Elastic Compute (EC2) called Compute Engine. This allows businesses to run their apps on servers that are powered by Google’s data centers.

“You benefit from the efficiency of Google data centers and our decade of running them,” stated Google SVP Urs Hölzle. “We?ve worked very hard to get the cost of computing down for a decade, and we?re passing the savings on to you.”

Google has been testing the service in beta mode up until now. Some of their beta testers include the Institute for Systems Biology, which used the service for a Genome Explorer app.

Google will have 50% more computing power per dollar than their competitors. The Compute Engine service has 771,886 processor cores available. Customers can be scaled as needed.