Google Launches An FAQ For Google Glass

Posted Jul 4, 2013

In order to alleviate privacy concerns, Google has created a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section for Google Glass, a wearable computing smart-glasses product.  The questions around Google Glass privacy concerns revolves around information collection, recording, tracking, and facial recognition.

When asked about the information that Google Glass says about their users, the FAQ states “We?re all about keeping your information safe, secure and always available when you want it. People interested in our privacy policy can find it here. And we give you control over the information you share with Google. For example, when you take a photo or video with Glass, it will be added to your private Instant Upload album on Google+ but won?t be shared with anyone until you choose to do so.”

When asked what Google Glass does to inform non-Glass users if a picture or video is taken, it says that the device’s screen is illuminated whenever it is being used.  Glass also requires the user to speak a command like “OK Glass, take a picture” or “OK Glass, record a video.”

The Google Glass FAQ also explains that Glass does not record video or take pictures all the time.  The default video recording on Glass is set to 10 seconds.  The battery life does not allow Google Glass to record over 45 minutes of straight recording.