Google Launches Billboard Campaign That Targets Microsoft Office

Posted Aug 3, 2009

The following events took place over the last year and a half: Microsoft made a bid to buy out Yahoo!  But Yahoo! turned it down and signed a deal with Google instead.  The advertising industry and the government disapproved of the Yahoo! and Google deal.

Recently Google announced that they are developing a new operating system called Chrome OS.  And then Microsoft said that the new version of Office will have major cloud support.  Late last month, Microsoft and Yahoo! signed a search deal that would give Yahoo! additional revenue and Microsoft the exclusive rights to power Yahoo!’s search engine with their own.

Clearly Google is not happy with this deal.  This is why the Mountain View based search engine company decided to step up their marketing efforts against Microsoft Office.  Google’s campaign is called Going Google.

Google will be releasing several advertisements about why around 3,000 organizations that are signing up for Google Apps every day.  On the billboards, there will be a new message about Google Apps shown every day for a month.

The billboard ads will be placed on four major U.S. highways.  Those highways are the 101 in Northern California, the West Side Highway in New York, the Mass Pike in Boston, and Ike in Chicago.

Google is also encouraging users on Google Apps to tweet their stories about using the service with the #gonegoogle hashtag.

[via TechCrunch]