Google Launches Chrome For Mac and Linux Along With Chrome Extensions For PCs

Posted Dec 8, 2009

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) launched a bunch of cool stuff today. First they launched Google Chrome for the Mac. And yup, it is now my default browser over Firefox. There are still a few kinks in Google Chrome for the Mac. For example, I tried importing my bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome a couple of times and it crashed each time. So I just added them manually.

As soon as Google Chrome for the Mac is installed, the homepage is set to the thumbnails of often visited websites and the Google Chrome Theme gallery. The Google Chrome Theme gallery makes it very easy to change the theme using one click. Google also recently launched Chrome for Linux.

For PC Windows users, Google Chrome created a feature called Extensions. Extensions are very similar to the Add-Ons within Mozilla Firefox. Some of the Extensions include Picnik, Remember The Milk (ChromeMilk), Google Reader, Woot, NPR, etc.