Google launches Google+ Stories

Posted May 21, 2014

Google has launched a new feature for Google+ called Google+ Stories, which allows users to build digital journals that have your best images and video clips. Google+ will look through your uploaded photos, videos, and places that you have visited to create a new travelogue, which looks best in full screen. When you scroll from left to right, the timeline changes.

?No more sifting through photos for your best shots, racking your brain for the sights you saw, or letting your videos collect virtual dust,? wrote Google in a blog post. ?We?ll just gift you a story after you get home. This way you can relive your favorite moments, share them with others, and remember why you traveled in the first place.?

The new feature will be available to iOS users soon. If you back up your photos and videos to Google+, you will be notified whenever a new Google+ Story is available for review.