Google launches managed data processing service Cloud Dataflow

Posted Jun 26, 2014

Google has launched a new managed data processing service called Cloud Dataflow, which lets developers create data pipelines to help them transform and analyze data. Developers can use Cloud Dataflow to work with real-time data and upload batches of data.

Cloud DataFlow is in private beta. It is unknown what the prices are right now. Cloud Dataflow is in private beta and is essentially the successor to MapReduce, which was an experimental App Engine feature.

Google said that Dataflow is based on several technologies that Google developed internally like Flume and MillWheel. Google is using Java for its first Cloud Dataflow SDK and it offers a dashboard for monitoring pipelines from the developer console.

Google wants users to get actionable insights from your data while lowering operational costs without having to worry about hassles related to deploying or scaling infrastructure. During a demo, Google showed how it worked with Twitter to do sentiment analysis around the World Cup by looking at millions of tweets.

[Source: TechCrunch]