Google Launches Previews For Instant Search

Posted Nov 9, 2010

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has launched a feature called “Instant Previews.” When using Google Instant, you will notice a magnifying glass icon. When clicking on the icon, you will notice a preview pane that appears on the right. This allows you to see what the search result looks like before actually looking at it.

The only reason why I think it is a cool feature is because you have to click on the magnifying glass to see the preview. If it popped up automatically, that would have angered me and I would disable the feature so fast. The automatic pop-up previews was one of the reasons why I despised

Once you click on the magnifying glass once, you can put your mouse on search results below or above and see previews of that page instantly as well. To disable to the preview, simply left click somewhere in the white space on the left of