Google Launches Quickoffice For iOS and Android

Posted Sep 19, 2013

Google has launched a new productivity suite for iOS and Android devices today called Quickoffice.  Quickoffice is free on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store.  The application even supports native Microsoft Office formats.  You will not have to convert documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to Google’s Docs format.

Quickoffice for iOS and Android lets you create ZIP files and view charts in Excel or PowerPoint documents.  Google is also giving 10GB of additional Google storage with the installation.  This storage will be free for around two years, but this promotion is ending on September 26th.

Quickoffice competes directly against Microsoft Office for the Android and iPhone.  Microsoft Office on the iPhone and Android requires an Office 365 subscription though.

[Source: Google Drive Blog]

[Download on Google Play]

[Download on Apple App Store]