Google Launching Voice-Activated Search App For iPhone

Posted Nov 15, 2008

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is developing voice recognition search technology and releasing it to the Apple iPhone first and then is expected to offer it on the Android mobile platform later on.  The application is expected to launch soon.

“This is an expansion of types of applications Google has already been developing,” stated Greg Sterling, an analyst at Sterling Market Intelligence. “Google has GOOG411, which is the underlying technical engine. They also have a voice-search client for the BlackBerry which is limited to maps. So this is an evolutionary step.”

When someone uses the application on the iPhone, they can ask any question.  The question is converted to a digital file, sent to Google servers, and passes it to Google’s search engine.  The search engine will then send the results back to the caller.  Yahoo! and Microsoft already have established similar services in the past.