Google Maps 5.0 For Android Will Be In 3D and Will Work Offline

Posted Dec 7, 2010

Google has announced Maps 5.0 for Android will be coming soon. Maps 5.0 for Android will be able to render buildings in 3D and it will load faster. Maps 5.0 for Android will also be able to work offline and rotate maps using the compass.

The 3D maps will begin to appear when you get to Street View level and you can tilt the map using two-finger swipe gestures. In offline mode, the phone will remember areas that you visit the most and cache those maps in the background.

Google said that the offline mode will compensate for 90% of the times that the application currently fails when the connection is bad. When in Navigation mode, the Map will re-route you if you miss a turn. To use the Maps 5.0 application, you will need a phone that runs Android 1.6 Donut.