Google Maps Announces 3D Aerial Imagery and Offline Mode For Mobile

Posted Jun 7, 2012

Today the Google Maps team has announced some new features to Google Maps and Google Earth. The new features include more Street View maps for areas that there is no actual street, 3D aerial imagery, and offline mode for Google Maps on mobile devices. 3D aerial imagery is going to be improved in Google Earth. The changes will be integrated into Apple iOS and Google Android soon.

Google Maps will be rolled out in offline mode on mobile devices first. In the next few weeks, users will be able to access Google Maps without a data connection in over 100 cities across the globe. The connectionless feature for Maps was one of the best features on Nokia Maps and Drive.

Google has been enhancing Google Maps in the midst of no longer being the default Map application on iOS. In iOS 6, Apple is replacing Google Maps with their own mapping software. Apple acquired companies like Placebase, Poly9, and C3 Technologies to build their own mapping software.