Google Maps Hits The iPhone

Posted Dec 13, 2012

Google Maps has arrived on the iPhone.  You can download it right now from the Apple App Store.  The application has a vector-based map that loads directions quickly.  It supports smooth tilting and it also has 2D and 3D views.  The search box at the top helps you quickly find the destination that you are looking for such as where the closest gas station or pizza place is.  Clicking on an expandable information page at the bottom will show you the address, opening hours, ratings, images, etc. for each venue.  There is detailed information on over 80 million businesses.  The app has voice-guided turn-by-turn directions and live traffic conditions so that you can avoid traffic jams.  One of my favorite features is that the application has your Google Map bookmarks synced with your account.  Google Maps has released an SDK for iOS as well. [Source: Google Blog]