Google Maps Is Adding Multiple Destinations, Reservations, And Events

Posted Oct 9, 2013

Google Maps is going to get a new user interface in the near future.  The new Google Maps will have directions for multiple destinations, reservation management, and event discovery.

Multiple Destinations: Now Google Maps will let you plot multiple destinations to a trip for driving, walking, and biking.  Once you have chosen a starting point, select the + button to add stops to your route by typing in the search box or clicking on the map.  This works great for finding museums, restaurants, and other destinations when exploring a new city.  Views will show up in the carousel located in the bottom right corner so that you can preview photos in Street View and Photo Tours.

Flight/Hotel/Reservations Management: Google has updated Google Maps to support flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations just like Google Search does.  When searching for your departing airport or dining destination, Google Maps will show you your upcoming plans.  This information only appears when you are signed into Google and only you can see it.  When you are ready to go, you can pull up your recent search history from the Google Maps app on the iPhone or Android.

Upcoming Events: When you search for event venues like Radio City Music Hall and O2 Arena on Google Maps, you will be able to see a schedule of concerts, sports matches, etc.