Google Maps Now Has YouTube Geocoded Videos Embedded

Posted Apr 15, 2008

The gap between software, Google Earth and and web service, Google Maps is closing. Google Earth has New York Times articles and YouTube features built-in. Today, it has been revealed that Google Maps is now getting YouTube videos embedded into the search results also.

Below is a sample screen shot of YouTube embedded in Google Maps. YouTube videos are represented by red dots:

[click to enlarge]

Webware mentioned that they were unable to locate Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain in Minneapolis, but couldn’t find any results. Chocolate Rain performed by 26 year-old University Minnesota student, Tay Zonday, has close to 20 million views on YouTube.

To get YouTube videos on Google Maps, you need to add the layer from the add-ons directory. Wikipedia mapplet, clouds, and elevation are other layers that can be implanted into Google Maps.

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