Google Maps Version 2.0 For iOS Offers Native iPad App Support

Posted Jul 17, 2013

Google has updated the Google Maps iOS app to version 2.0.  One of the new key features is native app support for the iPad and iPad Mini.  Other key updates include live traffic updates / incident reports, the Explore feature, 5 star ratings and reviews from friends, expert Zagat content, Google Offers integration, and indoor maps with walking directions for malls and airports.  This brings the Google Maps iOS app up to par with the Android version.  The Explore feature lets you see restaurants, bars, and stores nearby with a quick tap.

This past September, Apple removed the default Google Maps app when iOS 6 launched in favor of their own Maps application.  Rather than admitting defeat, Google decided to build a Google Maps app for iOS on their own and release it within the App Store.  The Google Maps app for the iPhone was released this past December, but it did not have native iPad support.

Google also released a new version of Google Maps for the desktop.  The new version of Google Maps was redesigned to be faster and have new content from Google Earth and Google Street View.

Below is a video demo of the new Google Maps: