Google, Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo! Join Privacy Bill Of Rights Proposed By Obama

Posted Feb 23, 2012

Today President Barack Obama has announced a new framework that would push for online privacy that is intended to address concerns about the way that web companies use the personal data of their customers. The title of the framework is the Privacy Bill of Rights and it asks for advertisers to respect do-not-track instructions sent by their users.

Google, AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo! have all joined voluntarily and they promise to give the option for avoiding being tracked. The do-not-track agreement is part of a larger set of principles that were laid out in the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. The larger set of principles are focused on giving people more control of their information online

The core of these principles is that Internet users will know what data is being kept about you and where. If the data is incorrect, you should be able to correct it. The Obama administration is working with Congress to make the Privacy Bill of Rights a law and develop the legislation for it. Companies that sign up will be overseen by the FTC.