Google+ Mobile Has Full-Size Photo Backups

Posted Dec 14, 2012

Google+ has launched 24 new features this week.  The most popular feature will like be the ability to instantly back up full-resolution photos that are taken on Android smartphones and biggest post photos on the iOS app.  Google+ had always been able to back up photos and videos, but the maximum picture resolution was 4 megapixels.  Today the photos can be any resolution, but the free storage of high-resolution photos are capped at 5GB of total storage.  Users that want additional space will have to pay an annual or monthly fee.

If you have Android 4.2, you can create 360-degree panoramas.  iOS users can swipe through photo albums inline.  The iPhone app has pan-zoom-scale effects.

Google+ Events lets you send messages to specific guests and you can see who has opened up your invitation.  You can invite people on Google+ by simply copying the URL of your event into an e-mail or IM.

Google+ Hangouts now supports areas that have extremely low bandwidth.  Once enabled, you will only need around 150KB of bandwidth to be in a hangout.

You can download the updated Google+ apps from iTunes and Google Play now.

[Source: Google+ Blog]