Google+ News Roundup: iPhone App Available, Verified Accounts and More

Posted Jul 19, 2011

A new wave of Google+ stories has arrived! Click through to find the link to the Apple App Store page for the Google+ for iPhone app, the Google+ profiles of Facebook staff, a way to find public Google+ hangouts, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner’s opinion of the new social network and a rumor about verified celebrity accounts.

Vic Gundotra updated his Google+ profile to announce that the Google+ app for iPhones should be available everywhere within a few hours. The app is here in the App Store.

A new website,, helps users find public Google+ hangouts to join. The site also offers an option to list your public Google+ hangout. Google has not confirmed that this is a Google property, and it may be a third party site. Gphangouts lists when a hangout started (or will start) and what the topic of the hangout is. [Mashable]

Craig Kanalley has compiled a list of Facebook employees’ Google+ profiles. It contains links to the profiles of Facebook employees including Zuckerberg, the executive team, directors, product management, engineering, design, relations, mobile, research, advertising, marketing and recruiting.

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, wonders where users will find the free time to use Google+. “You introduce Google+, where am I going to spend that next minute or hour of my discretionary time? I have no more time,” he said at an event last night. [Business Insider]

After the brief fiasco of William Shatner’s temporarily-suspended Google+ account, CNN reports that Google will be offering verified Google+ accounts for celebrities. Google has not confirmed this plan. [Mashable]