Google+ News Roundup: Updates, Tips, Opinions and More

Posted Jul 5, 2011

Google+ has taken over the tech news world! Here’s a list of all the recent updates, including the iPhone app, an invite scam, Tom from Myspace’s opinion, Zuckerberg’s stake, benefits for journalists, formatting tips and more.

The Google+ iPhone app is on its way. According to Googler Erica Joy’s Google+ update, the app has been submitted and is awaiting approval.

Mashable’s list of cons for Google+ includes: lack of search, doesn’t work with Google Apps.

Hackers are running a Google+ invite scam that sends unsuspecting users to ads for erectile dysfunction products. According to HuffPo, the emails look very similar to real Google+ invites.

Tom from Myspace thinks Google+ is great! He posted on his own Google+ account that he thinks the service is the answer to our current mindset, the idea that “everything gets better when it’s social.” Tom Anderson’s public Google+ feed is almost entirely about his use of the service.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the most-followed person on Google+, with more followers than the Google execs responsible for creating Google+. TechCrunch speculates that “the more media coverage someone receives related to Google+, the more followers they get.”

The Committee to Protect Journalists has spoken out in support of Google+ as a way to keep journalists and activists safer.¬†As Gizmodo notes, the service offers users more control than other social networks: everything is encrypted in https, users control their circles completely, users don’t have to list their real names, and more.

Lifehacker reports that Google+ users can format their posts to *bold* writing, -strikethrough- writing or _italicize_ writing.

Google+ is integrated with Picasa in a way that gives users unlimited photo and video storage. ReadWriteWeb reports that Google+ storage doesn’t count toward Picasa storage limits unless users upload videos more than 15 minutes long.