Google Now Adds Car Rentals, Concert Tickets, Football Scores, Etc.

Posted Aug 22, 2013

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant that was developed by Google.  Google Now has been updated to add more information for Android users.  The new version of Google Now has cards for car rentals and concert tickets.  The Google Now app can pull up your reservation or digital ticket stub when you get to your destination.

?When searching for music artists, movie actors, filmmakers and TV shows on Google, you?ll see a new ?remind me? button on the panel by the search results,? said Google Now in a Google+ post.

The reminder button will display an alert for related albums, book releases, and upcoming TV episodes.  The content reminder is one out of several new types of cards that is coming to Google Now through the Google Search app.

There is a new commute sharing feature on Google Now to let your friends and family when you leave work.  This feature competes against services like Glympse and Twist.

Google Now is used to scan users’ Gmail messages and alert them about flight and hotel reservations.

[Source: LA Times]