Google Now Using Twitter To Sell Ads

Posted Apr 7, 2009

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is now using Twitter to sell advertisements. And Intuit is the first company to have signed on board. The five most recent tweets will be streamed on the AdSense network. Intuit is looking for TurboTax to grow on followers on Twitter.

Intuit is already advertising on Bebo, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, and Alltop.

“It’s syndicating whatever the team that works on the TurboTax Twitter account [@turbotax] posts,” stated Seth Greenberg, Director of Marketing at Intuit. When clicking on a Twitter ad, a user is directed to the company’s Twitter account.

TurboTax spokeswoman Colleen Gatlin, Intuit social marketing manager Christine Morrison, and the rest of the Intuit public relations team runs the Intuit Twitter account.

[via AdAge]