Google Officially Announces Google Music Beta, Movie Rentals On Android Market, and Android@Home

Posted May 10, 2011

This morning the Google Android team had some big announcements at the I/O conference. About two and a half years ago, Google Android was just available on one device and launched in one country on one carrier. Now Android has over 100 million activated devices with 400,000 new devices being activated per day. There are now 200,000 free and paid applications on the Android Market. About 4.5 billion applications have been installed from the Android Market.

There are about 310 Android devices around the world. Google is planning to launch the next version of Android soon and it will be called Ice Cream Sandwich. The goal for Ice Cream Sandwich is to have it work everywhere regardless of the device.

Google also announced Music Beta, a service that allows you to play your personal music collection through the cloud for streaming on Android devices. Your music and playlist is automatically kept in sync, so when you add a new playlist on your phone — it will be available instantly on your computer or tablet. Google Music Beta also has a feature called Instant Mix, which is the ability to automatically create a playlist of songs that are good together. For example, Black Eyed Peas music may be combined with Usher. Music Beta is available today through an invite-only system.

Google also added Movies to Android Market. You can rent thousands of movies with a starting price of $1.99 on Android devices. You can rent it through your home computer and it can be viewed through tablets or phones.

Lastly Google announced Android@Home. Android@Home allows Android applications to discover, connect, and communicate with high-tech devices and appliances that you have at home.

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