Google Opens Up Access To Compute Engine

Posted Apr 7, 2013

Google has opened up access to the Google Compute Engine, which is a infrastructure-as-a-service cloud computing platform.  Launched in 2012, Google Compute Engine competes directly against Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and Microsoft Azure.  Upon launching the service, Google reduced their prices by about 4%.

“We’re happy to hear that, because one of our main goals in building Compute Engine is to enable a new generation of applications with direct access to the capabilities of Google’s vast computing infrastructure,” stated Google Cloud platform team member Marc Cohen in a blog post.

Google Compute Engine makes it possible for businesses to run their applications across the company’s large infrastructure.  It initially launched as a limited preview.  Today there are four packages available for interested customers.

– Bronze support is free and gives access to online documentation, forums, and billing.

– Silver support is $150/month and gives direct access to the support team for questions related to service functionality, best practice architectures, and service errors.

– Gold support is $400/month for 24×7 phone support, rapid target initial response times, consultation on application development, and architecture for specific use cases.

– Platinum support does not have a defined price.  The services that come with platinum are personal and customized support.  It also has everything that is included in the Gold support along with direct access to the Technical Account Management team.

Cohen said that users can boot from persistent disks mounted as the root file system and get persistent disk snapshots.  The Compute Engine includes the ability to checkpoint and restore the contents of network resident persistent disks on demand.