Google Passes MSN On Alexa, But Increases Rapidly and Yahoo! Maintains Gold Medal

Posted Oct 5, 2007

I just noticed that on my toolbar (owned by, Google’s rank looked a little different.  The web information company’s toolbar was telling me that Google is no longer glazed in bronze.  It had a silver spoon in its mouth.  Oh for crying out loud, If you don’t get my metaphor, what I’m saying is that Google is now ranked #2 and MSN is ranked #3.

Alexa’s Global Top 10:
1.) Yahoo!
2.) Google
3.) MSN
4.) YouTube
6.) MySpace
7.) Orkut
8.) Facebook
9.) Wikipedia
10.) Hi5

Looking at the top 10 web sites, Google has the most presence on Alexa.  They are ranked #2 and they own #4 and #7.  Whereas, Microsoft only owns #3 and #5.  Google also has a presence on #6 because they have an exclusive advertising partnership with  Microsoft counteracted that move by signing an exclusive partnership with #8 website, It seems like both companies were playing with their domains a little bit over the last year or so.  We saw the rise of this past year and shifted over to the servers.  Below is a chart comparison from Alexa:

Notice the instant growth of  This is perhaps because shifted over to servers.  Seeing as how is constantly growing and is slipping a little bit, I’m curious to see what Microsoft will do with MSN to ensure it doesn’t slip more.  And also, what will Yahoo! do to maintain #1.  Over the next couple years, we should see some interesting changes in the Top 10, especially seeing as how it felt like YouTube and Wikipedia came out of nowhere and claimed their current spots.