New Google Patent Makes Suggestions On Social Media Reactions

Posted Nov 24, 2013

Google has received a patent to analyze how to respond on social media.  The patent suggests that Google will make personalized response suggestions for sending back to users.  The automated responses are created by collecting social interactions and categorizing them based on importance based upon prior posts to similar labeled items.  It creates a reaction and gives you the option of using it to reply so that you can save a little bit of time in your day.  These responses can be used for e-mail, instant messages, and text messages.

The patent (U.S. patent #8,589,407) is called “Automated generation of suggestions for personalized reactions in a social network.” Ashish Bhatia is listed as the inventor.  Here is what the abstract says:

A system and method for automatic generating suggestions for personalized reactions or messages. A suggestion generation module includes a plurality of collector modules, a credentials module, a suggestion analyzer module, a user interface module and a decision tree. The plurality of collector modules are coupled to respective systems to collect information accessible by the user and important to the user from other systems such as e-mail systems, SMS/MMS systems, micro blogging systems, social networks or other systems. The information from these collector modules is provided to the suggestion analyzer module. The suggestion analyzer module cooperates with the user interface module and the decision tree to generate suggested reactions or messages for the user to send. The suggested reactions or messages are presented by the user interface module to the user. The user interface module also displays the original message, other information about the original message such as others’ responses, and action buttons for sending, discarding or ignoring the suggested message.

[Source: BBC]