Google Picasa Now Available For The Mac

Posted Jan 5, 2009

Its about time Google! Mac users can finally download, install, and use Picasa.  Picasa is Google’s free photo editing software.  However there’s a catch.  It only works for Mac OS X version 10.4 and is made for Intel-powered Macs.  The download is available at

Picasa is especially useful for those who want to upload their digital camera pictures to the Internet.  Every Picasa user gets 1024MB free.  Per year additional space costs $20 for 10GB, $75 for 40GB, $250 for 150GB, and $500 for 400GB.  Features include image importing, editing, and web syncing.  There is a facial recognition feature and a collage maker.  Picasa for Mac also recognizes the camera on the iPhone.  Privacy features for each individual picture is available.

The release of Picasa for Mac became available now to coincide with the timing of Macworld.  Macworld officially begins tomorrow.  Google’s booth will have some people representing Picasa there.  Google wants people to download the application today and bring them questions and feedback during the conference.

[via Wired and the Google Blog]