Google+ Platform Widget Now Lets You Embed Photo Spheres

Posted May 4, 2013

In Android version 4.2 (Jelly Bean) there is a feature in the camera called the Photo Sphere. Photo Sphere lets you take 360-degree panoramic images. Photo Sphere is compatible with Google+ so that users in the social network can interact with the spheres to view them.  Now you can embed an interactive 360-degree slideshow on any website you want through a new widget that uses the Google+ Platform API , according to Engadget.

The photos are required to be stored on Google+ and PicasaWeb.  You have to be a bit technical to figure out how this all works.

Below is a screenshot of a working example that shows how to use the Picasa Web Albums API to display thumbnails for all the photo spheres for a given user (or a given album):