Google Updates Android Google+ App To Version 3.5, Google Play Music App To Version 4.5.9

Posted Feb 1, 2013

Google+ has updated their Android app to version 3.5. the Google+ app has new features like an option to link to posts and the ability to restore or remove posts that are marked as spam. Google+ for Android also has a new tray for notifications and it has additional Community moderation features.

Google updated the Google Play Music application to version 4.5.9 today also. The new version of the Google Play Music app has the ability to shuffle an album, artist, or playlist. It also has continuous playing of mixes beyond 25 songs.

The Google Play Music app also has default album art and a “Previous” button on the widget. There is a fix for a freezing issue on the Galaxy S III built into the update too.

[Source: UberGizmo]