Google Project Loon’s first flight circles the globe in 22 days

Posted Apr 4, 2014

Google Project Loon is a project that involves solar-powered balloons. Google’s balloons surpassed expectations by circling the world in a journey of over 50,000 kilometers in only 22 days. This is 11 days less than the previous estimate of 33 days.

Google Project Loon has a goal of bringing the Internet to remote places in the world. Thousands of balloons will eventually be deployed that transmits Internet connections.

Google’s Project Loon team used wind data collected during flights to refine prediction models to forecast balloon trajectories twice as far in advance.

?The pump that moves air in or out of the balloon has become three times more efficient, making it possible to change altitudes more rapidly to quickly catch winds going in different directions … We can spend hours and hours running computer simulations, but nothing teaches us as much as actually sending the balloons up into the stratosphere during all four seasons of the year,? said the team in a Google+ post.