Google Pulling Tethering Applications From Android Market

Posted Mar 31, 2009

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has been reportedly pulling tethering applications from the Android Market. One developer claimed this happened to him at AndroidCommunity. The developer contributed to an application called WiFi Tether for Root Users app. Google referred to their distribution agreements with the carriers that they have partnered with as a reason to have the tethering applications removed.

Google enters into distribution agreements with device manufacturers and Authorized Carriers to place the Market software client application for the Market on Devices. These distribution agreements may require the involuntary removal of Products in violation of the Device manufacturer?s or Authorized Carrier?s terms of service? Google Developer Distribution Agreement

The above agreement was made between Google and T-Mobile. Android-based devices are already available unlocked so some users believe that blocking tethering applications are unfair. Tethering applications gives users the ability to use their phone as a WiFi device and have it counted as their phone provider’s data plan.