Google Quickoffice app is closing down and is being replaced by Drive

Posted Jun 30, 2014

In the next few weeks Google will remove the Quickoffice app from Google Play and the App Store in the next few weeks.

Google integrated Quickoffice into Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Google acquired Quickoffice in 2012 to improve its productivity software on Android and iOS.

“Existing users with the app can continue to use it, but no features will be added and new users will not be able to install the app,” said Google in a blog post.

In the past few weeks, Google updated Google Drive’s document functionality. Google separated the Docs and Sheets part of Google Drive into their own apps on Android and iOS. This was followed by Google Slides becoming its own native app on Android.

At the Google I/O conference this month, Google introduced compatibility with direct editing of Microsoft Office documents. Google Drive previously could open and save Microsoft formats, but there was conversion between file formats that was necessary.

[Source: Google Apps Blog]