Google+ Recommends Additional Content From Your Mobile Website

Posted May 14, 2013

Google has launched a new service for Google+ that allows publishers to include a new discovery feature for any mobile news website.  This feature helps mobile websites drive more traffic to other articles, not just the one that they are current reading.

For example, Forbes visitors can now easily discover other Forbes articles that is based on Search Authorship signals and other Google+ activity like +1 and shares.  Recommendations can still appear regardless of whether your visitors are signed into Google.  When they are signed in, they will see content that was +1’d or shared by people in their circles.

To enable the feature, you just need to add a single line of Javascript into your mobile website.  From that point forward, users can click on the mobile recommendation bar that provides articles from the same author and other popular articles on that website.

“Of course: we’ve got lots more planned for Google+ content recommendations, and Google+ Sign-In more generally, so we?re looking forward to having over 50 companies who have integrated Google+ Sign In share their stories (examples below) this week from Google I/O,” said Google+ Product Manager Mario Anima.

Check out the demo video below to learn more about the Google+ mobile discovery: