Google+ Gets A Redesign

Posted Apr 11, 2012

Google has announced a redesign for the Google+ social network, which would have revamped navigation, drag-and-drop features when hovering above different items, and easier ways to join conversations. There are new profile pages and a dedicated page for Google+ Hangouts.

The static icons at the top are now being moved off to the side so that users can reorder the icon arrangement as they please. The list of navigation icons include Hangouts, Photos, Circles, Games, Explore, and the profile page. There is a “More” icon that will contain the icons that you don’t want to see anymore.

When you hover above certain icons, there will be related actions that appear like an “Add Photos” when you hover above the “Photos” icon. The new Explore icon takes you to a page that shows you what is trending and what is popular on the social network.

The News Feed has been enhanced to have fuller size photos and “conversation cards,” which separates each post efficiently. The discussions are wrapped into a box as well. Around the content, there is a list of activity such as how many people have added a +1 to it or who has shared your post.