Google Releases 3 Videos To Promote How Analytics Can Help Fix Your Bad Web Practices

Posted Dec 17, 2012

Google wants business owners to know that a poorly designed website that control whether your product will be a success or not. Many e-commerce companies have “bad practices” on the web. They lack proper search standards and clear designs. This is why the company created these 3 videos promoting how Google Analytics can help.

In the first video, a grocery store shopper talks about how he is looking for milk, but the search resulted in finding a wall planner and book about milk instead.

The second video shows another grocery shopper struggling to pay for a purchase because he does not know his username and password. The grocery shopper gets stuck because of a CAPTCHA code.

The last video has to do with designing a good landing page where employees keep offering the shopper items that he would not be interested in.

This is the first time that I have seen Google promoting Analytics. This is great to see because Analytics is one of their best services.