Google Releases Google Now For iOS

Posted Apr 29, 2013

Google has launched Google Now for iOS, both iPhone and iPad.  Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant that was only available for Android exclusively up until now.  It is an extension of the Google Search application.  Google Now uses natural language algorithms to answer questions like “what was the Lakers score last night?”

Google said that Google Now works almost the same on iOS as it does on Android.  However, there are certain features that will not work on iOS like the ability to swipe upward to launch the application.  It also does not support background syncing that Google Now can do on Android.

“The types of Google Now cards available are largely the same on both platforms,” said Google Now Director of Product Management Baris Gultekin in a statement to The Verge.

Around 22 of the 29 card types that are available on Android will be coming to iOS.  Some of them that will not be coming to iOS as of yet includes boarding passes for airlines, Fandango, and local events.  Google Now will be able to show you your next available appointment, but this information will be pulled from Google Calendar, not your iOS calendar.

You can download Google Now for iOS from the Apple App Store now.