Google Removes 21 Apps From Android Market For Malware Reasons

Posted Mar 2, 2011

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has removed 21 applications from the Android Market for potential malware reasons. The apps are malware that was aimed at getting root access to the user’s device. The apps would be able to get access to data on the phone and download more code to it without the user knowing.

About 50,000 Android users have downloaded the apps with the malware built in. The malware apps are knock-offs of existing popular Android applications. For example, one of the applications is called “Chess.”

The applications are able to get root access to the device using a method known as rageagainstthecage. Then the hackers would use an Android executable file (APK) for collecting data on the user and device. The application would then be vulnerable for downloading malicious code.

The applications were all made by a developer called Myournet. If you downloaded an app from this company, delete it, and consider exchanging the device as a whole.