Google Reported $14.11 Billion For Q2 2013, 1.5 Million New Android Activations Per Day, $54.4 Billion In Cash On-Hand

Posted Jul 19, 2013

Google provided their quarterly earnings on Thursday.  The company reported $14.11 billion in revenues, which is a 19% increase over Q2 last year.  Wall Street analysts were expecting around $14.45 billion.  Google has $54.4 billion in cash on-hand.

?Google had a great quarter with over $14 billion in revenue ? up 19% year-on-year,? stated Google chief executive officer Larry Page. ?The shift from one screen to multiple screens and mobility creates tremendous opportunity for Google. With more devices, more information, and more activity online than ever, the potential to improve people?s lives even more is immense.?

Google’s mobile handset subsidiary Motorola hit around $998 million in revenues, which is an increase from $843 million from last year.  Motorola’s GAAP was at $342 million compared to $199 million for the same quarter last year.

Google’s mobile operating system Android is hitting around 1.5 million new activations per day.  About 50 billion apps have been download from the Google Play store.  Google has paid more money to developers this year than all of 2012 already.  Google Chrome now has 750 million users worldwide.  “That?s pretty amazing given the first Android phone launched less than five years ago,” added Page.  Android has hit 900 million activations worldwide.

Google’s employee count is down though.  Motorola cut about 10,000 jobs.  During this time last year, Google and Motorola had around 53,891 employees (38,739 at Google, 9,982 at Motorola Mobile, and 5,170 at Motorola Home).  Google now has a total of 44,777 employees (44,777 at Google and 4,599 at Motorola Mobile).  Google sold off Motorola’s set-top box division.

Google Apps and the Google Cloud Platform has generated $200 million in Q2 2013, which is up 195% year-over-year.  It is expected to hit $885 million this year.

You can read more details on the company’s investor page.