Google reportedly to end forced Google+ integration following Gundotra departure

Posted Apr 27, 2014

Google+ executive Vic Gundotra recently announced his departure from Google. The future of the Google+ social network became questionable after Vic’s announcement. There is suspicion that he left Google due to a shakeup at Google+.

Google will no longer consider Google+ a product that competes with Facebook and Twitter, according to TechCrunch. Google will also stop forcing people to join Google+ by halting integration with every product.

“One impetus of this was that the YouTube integration with Google+ did not go well, something that the public recognized through the comments blowback, but that was also seen inside the company as a rocky move,” reports TechCrunch. “That doesn?t mean that all G+ integrations will go away, though. Gmail will continue to have it, but there may be some scaling back that keeps the ‘sign-on’ aspects without the heavy-handed pasting over of G+.”

TechCrunch is also reporting 1,000 to 1,200 employees that worked on Google+ will move to other divisions. Google Hangouts will be moved to Android and the Google+ photos team will likely follow.