Google Search Results To Start Becoming More Similar To Wolfram Alpha

Posted Mar 15, 2012

As if Google Panda update wasn’t enough, Google is currently working on adjusting their search algorithms again. The outcome of the rumored changes makes Google sound like they are trying hard to be just like Wolfram Alpha. Google’s search engine will present more direct answers to questions rather than just spitting out links. Supposedly this will help Google provide more ways to serve up ads.

Google would not be replacing their current keyword-search system. The top Google results are dependent on how many words it contains, how many websites link to it, etc. According to top Google search exec, Amit Singhal search will look more like “how humans understand the world.” When people search for things today, people “cross their fingers and hope there’s a Web page out there with the answer.”

When you search for terms like “Lake Tahoe” on Google, the top of the search engine will display attributes related to the body of water like the location, altitude, average temperature, etc. Today if you search for Lake Tahoe on Google, you would see a link to the visitor bureau website for the Lake and a page on Wikipedia. It would also have a link to a map of the Lake. For complex questions like “What are the 10 largest lakes in California?” Google would just answer the question themselves.