Google Settles With French Publishers To Digitize Books

Posted Jun 11, 2012

Google has made a settlement with the authors group Society Men of Letters of France (SGDL). The dispute between the two dated back to 2006 and it revolved around digitizing book snippets and posting them on the Internet. “The agreement was reached to promote initiatives in favor of digital books’ development and create diversity, in compliance with copyrights,” said the two companies in a joint statement. The SGDL represents 6,000 French authors and represents their copyrights. The SGDL will allow Google to scan the books and will promote electronic versions of them.

?In this win-win solution, publishers and authors retain control over the commercial use of their books ? while at the same time, opening a practical path to bring to a wide audience our decade-long efforts to digitize books,? stated Philippe Colombet, Strategic Partner Development Manager of Google Books for France. ?We remain hopeful to reach a solution in the US allowing us to make the world?s books searchable and discoverable online.