Google Sheets gets new features and works offline

Posted Dec 12, 2013

Google Sheets, Google’s service that is like Microsoft Excel, has received several new features. Google Sheets now has larger spreadsheets and now works offline. The new version of Sheets supports millions of cells. Google Sheets has filter views, which lets you quickly name, save, and share different views of your data. Now you can sort a spreadsheet without affecting how other people see it. Google Sheets also has new function help features and gives you a guide as you type. There is also error highlighting and coloring to make it easy to fix mistakes. Text also flows into empty adjacent cells as a time-saving improvement.


Google Sheet now supports conditional formatting so that you can add rules to change colors of the cells based on formulas.

Work offline
If you do not have access to an Internet connection, you can still edit your Google Sheets offline. When reconnecting to the Internet, the edits will automatically sync.

You can turn on the new Google Sheets by clicking on the ?Try the new Google Sheets? box in Google Drive settings.

[Source: Google Blog]