Google Shuts Down Slide So Max Levchin Leaves

Posted Aug 26, 2011

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) acquired Slide about a year ago for $182 million. Now Slide is being shut down so Slide founder Max Levchin is leaving Google.

?Max has decided to leave Slide and Google to pursue other opportunities, and we wish him the best,? said a Google spokesperson. ?Most of the team from Slide will remain at Google to work on other opportunities.? When Slide was acquired, it operated independently out of Google’s San Francisco office. They continued to maintain existing applications such as SuperPoke Pets. They also experimented with new applications such as Disco and Photovine.

Some of the team at Slide will be brought into YouTube. Slide has about 100 employees. Before getting acquired by Google, Slide raised $78 million in venture capital funding. Slide’s head of product Jared Fliesler is also planning on leaving Google. It is rumored that Fliesler will be joining Square as encouraged by former Slide colleague Keith Rabois.