Google Shutting Down Shared Stuff

Posted Feb 25, 2009

Google Shared Stuff is a social bookmarking service similar to Delicious.  It never actually launched, but either way it will no longer be available starting at the end of March.  Google Shared Stuff is a way to share Google Videos and Knol articles.  But the web app was too buggy and underdeveloped according to Google Operating System.

Google Shared Stuff combined several ways to share the pages through e-mail, social sites, or by adding the articles to public pages.  ShareThis was slightly integrated in the service.

“If you want another way to share videos, you can use the ‘Share’ link below each YouTube video. You can also create a public Google Site if you want to share websites and links with friends,” wrote a Google representative.

Fortunately for those that actually use Shared Stuff, there is a way to share any website on Google Reader using the social bookmarklet tool.