Google Social Network Orkut Now Has Virtual Badges

Posted Dec 1, 2010

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) social network Orkut has announced a new feature. The more you use Orkut, the more badges you get. Orkut failed to gain traction over other social networks in the U.S., but it is very popular in Brazil and India. Below is a description of some of the badges being rolled into Orkut profiles.

Early Users – Has been using orkut for more than 5 years!

Graduate – Uses most of orkut’s features

Promoter – Created a promotion that was seen by lots of people

Super User – Helped many other people in the orkut Help Forum

Millionaire Community – Owns a community with more than a million members

Master – Has mastered orkut’s most advanced features

Trend Setter – Activities receive lots of comments from friends

Strong Contributor – Helped the orkut team make orkut better for everyone