Google Source Codes Indicates a Google Games Service Coming Soon

Posted Jul 15, 2011

TechCrunch reports that Yvo Schaap has found, buried in the Google+ source code, a link for a Google Games logo and API endpoints that indicate that Google Games will be a social gaming service. Schaap found references to “game friends” and an ability within Games to “post to stream.” Google is known to have invested more than $100 million in gaming giant Zynga in 2010, and also acquired gaming company Slide last year as well.

For many, one appeal of Google+ is that it isn’t overrun with games the way Facebook is. It remains to be seen how Google Games will be integrated with Google+, or when we’ll see the Google-branded gaming service. However, given Google’s insistence that Google+ is a social extension of all other Google services, the games will probably find their way to the currently-uncluttered social network.