Google Starts Ad Blitz For The Moto X

Posted Jul 3, 2013

Google’s Motorola is getting ready to launch the Moto X phone.  The sign-up page for the Moto X has been created and Google is hyping up the new smartphone.  The Moto X is highly customizable and it has the tag line “Designed by you / Assembled in the USA.”  An ad about the Moto X was placed in the newspaper on the Wednesday editions of The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

“By the end of the summer we expect there to be more than 2,000 new employees in Ft. Worth, TX, working to make all of this possible. Imagine what else you can do when you have the world’s best design, engineering and manufacturing talent located here in the USA,” said Motorola on their sign-up page for the Moto X.

Unfortunately we do not know the specs officially about the Moto X.  Stay tuned.  We will release the details as we get them.