Google Starts Rolling Out Chrome Browser For Android

Posted Feb 7, 2012

Google has now created the Google Chrome browser for Android. The app that Android has been using up until now was simply called “Browser,” an open-source based browser that was decent. For a certain number of people, the Google Chrome browser is now available on Android devices.

The Google Chrome browser has a “stack” system for collecting and sorting websites. Tabbed browsing on larger screens is supported. The stacks allow you to organize pages on a phone or tablet. The Google Chrome browser on Android has an ?incognito mode? for hiding browsing history.

Tabs and bookmarks can be synchronized among various devices and desktops using a single Google log-in. Chrome works only on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and it is in beta mode. The Chrome browser on Android is an upgrade from the standard Android browser and it will roll out to newer Android phones and devices as it becomes more stable. You can download the beta version from this link: