Google Street View Car Accidentally Captures Crime On Camera

Posted Jun 22, 2009

Two Dutch twin brothers robbed a teenager in the town of Groningen, The Netherlands.  Looks like those robbers had bad timing because a Google Street View camera caught them committing the crime red-handed.

“The picture was taken just a moment before the crime,” stated one of the police officers.  The robbers stole 165 Euros and a mobile phone from the 14 year old victim last September.  This past March, the victim saw himself on Google Street View and the two robbers on camera.

The police investigated the crime after the boy reported the Google Street View evidence.  One of the 24 year old boys confessed robbing the boy after being questioned.  The punishment that will be made against the robbers is unknown.  But this further proves that Google Street View can do more good than harm.

[via Reuters]